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The Summer Series

Luke, Caleb, Beck, Liam and Harrison

The Summer We Fell

I wanted to hate Luke Taylor. I did hate Luke Taylor. I just never hated him enough.

The Summer I Saved You

He was the boy next door. My life went haywire and so did his. What hasn't changed: it still feels like he's mine.

The Summer You Found Me

I've got a long history of wanting things I'm not supposed to want. And Beck may be the most dangerous of them all. 

The Summer I Destroyed You

Emmy Hughes wants to be the villain of our town's history.

I want to be the hero of hers. (May 2024)

Book 5 (Untitled)

My best friend's niece blackmailed me into letting her stay for the summer. And the longer she's here, the less I want to see her go. (August 2024)

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A Deal With the Devil

A temp assistant and the British boss she loves to hate.

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea 

Stuck with your ex-boyfriend's grumpy brother in paradise.

The Devil You Know

It's all fun and games until your boss tells you to beg.

The Devil Gets His Due

Some people marry the enemy in Vegas. Keeley managed to get knocked up by him too.

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